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Ben Delaporte’s Resume, Summer 2017



Work experience

Software engineering intern at Citadel, Summer 2016

Software engineering intern at Apple, Summer 2015

Software development intern, CITES, Spring 2011 – Fall 2012

Systems administration intern, Imaging Technology Group, Beckman Institute, Summer 2009 – Spring 2011

CS Classes at UIUC

iPhone Development with Objective C

  • Test Driven Design, unit tests to UML specification with OCUnit and OCMock
  • Interface Builder, Storyboard, MVC, delegates, outlets, segues
  • SQLite
  • Map views, table views, navigation controllers, tabbed views, web views
  • Cocos2D and SpriteKit game design
    • GameKit real time matchmaking – Host, Client, P2P matches
    • Sprite design, animation
    • Physics, momentum, collisions
    • Procedural terrain generation


  • XCode, Unity, Monodevelop, Sublime
  • Terminal/SSH, vim, bash scripts for deployment
  • Make, Valgrind, GDB, Maven
  • Version control with Mercurial, SVN, git
  • Remote desktop, virtual machines

Primary: Javascript with React Native, C# with Unity, Swift/Objective C for iOS, C
Familiar: Bash, Python, C++, Java, MIPS Assembly, Lego NXT-G Robotics, HTML, Lua
Frameworks: React-Native, iOS, Unity
Platforms: iOS, Unity, macOS, tvOS, Linux, Android
Design: Anime Studio, Sketchbook Pro, Gimp, iMovie, Audacity
Networking: router setup, port forwarding, DMZ, IP leasing, static IPs

Engineering Competitions

Team facilitator, 2nd Place Team, 2009 National Rube Goldberg Competition

  • 2nd place, national contest at Purdue University
  • 1st place, state/regional competition at University of Illinois Engineering Open House
  • People’s Choice Award, state/regional competition at Engineering Open House

Team facilitator, 2nd Place Team, 2008 Regional Rube Goldberg Competition