Chronic Pain Diary

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Chronic pain symptoms are tough. But tracking them should be easy. Introducing the iPhone app ‘Chronic Pain Diary’.

Chronic Pain Diary enables you to track your health with symptoms and treatments, a color coded calendar, readable graphs, and quick and easy data entry. Export your graphs and calendar in an email, and forward all your data as a ‘comma separated values’ file for usage in desktop applications.

Recording a new symptom or treatment entry shouldn’t require longer than a few seconds; Chronic Pain Diary takes the pain out of tracking chronic pain.

Update 1.15 introduces ‘notes’, and an intermediary view for choosing entry type

Chronic Pain Diary helps you to:

* Create multiple user profiles, each with separate backups, calendar and entry tracking
* View a color coded calendar displaying high ratings of each day for symptoms and treatments
* Drag a finger across the calendar to generate a graph
* Watch a user guide video
* Tap just a few times, then get back to your day; this app focuses on streamlining how you journal your health
* Backup and restore data with Dropbox

Chronic Pain Diary Lite (free), available on iTunes:
Chronic Pain Diary ($0.99), available on iTunes:
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