Curbing Your Startup Folder

Do you feel like your computer has gradually become ‘slower’ since you bought it? It has. This is a tutorial to help you take back some of that ‘brand new computer’ speed. It isn’t hard, and it won’t take you more than a few minutes… However, I must warn you, this tutorial won’t bring back […]

New blog

Hey! Ben here! Thanks to my brother(who is awesome), I now have a general writing blog. It’s pretty awesome. You should check out his blog, Ed the Dev. I’m going to make an effort to publish some things here over the spring break. But in the meanwhile, I recommend reading Boy & Panda.

Welcome to Ben Writes!

Hey, this is Edward, aka Ed the Dev. By trade I am a software programmer and computer security nerd; but for fun I build and host websites. My brother Ben is an excellent writer,  so I decided he needed a dedicated writing blog. Check back soon to see what Ben Writes!